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Achievement Motivation Inventory

Paper and Pencil

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Hinweis zum Hogrefe Testsystem (HTS 5)

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Personnel Selection, Potential Analysis, Professional Counseling, Personnel Development, Profiling, Psychology of Sports, Personality Research.


The Achievement Motivation Inventory (AMI) is a personality inventory designed to measure a broad construct of work related achievement motivation. It is founded on the theoretical work related to the German «Leistungsmotivationsinventar (LMI)» (Schuler & Prochaska, 2001) and enables users to test candidates for 17 different facets of achievement motivation. The theoretical conception of this test is based upon all common conceptualizations of the construct but for the first time integrates relevant social motives into a test measuring the construct of achievement motivation as well. Thus, in addition to traditional scales, e.g. Confidence in Success or Persistance, scales like Dominance or Status Orientation are integrated in the AMI. The AMI consists of 170 items to be responded by examinees on a 7-point-Likert format.

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